WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧

WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧 WAY2 一个通过文学性 创作的方式设计的酒吧

2014年项目的委托方摄影师王飞和他的音乐教师妻子一起看了一部电影《The Way》,一个月后,便决定一起去徒步旅行.33天,800公里,从法国横穿整个西班牙直到大西洋的尽头,回望原点,他们决定为这次旅行做一场演唱会The Way,意犹未尽,王飞的第二个梦想——Way2音乐酒吧由此开始。

In 2014, Wang Fei, the project's principal photographer, watched the movie The Way with his music teacher's wife. A month later, he decided to go hiking together.33 days, 800 kilometers, from France across Spain to the end of the Atlantic Ocean.Looking back at the origin, they decided to give a concert "The Way" for the trip, which was still meaningful. Wang Fei's second dream, Way2 Music Bar, began.


人类从远古时期的就开始不断的迁徙移动.WAY是关于人和物体的流动所带来的转化而延伸出来的主题. WAY2酒吧设计的核心:是通过叙事性的设计语言,去描述“物质经过时间和空间的流转而产生的变化状态。

Human beings have been migrating and moving since ancient times. WAY is the theme of transformation brought about by the flow of human beings and objects.The core of WAY2 bar design is to describe "the changing state of matter through the flow of time and space" through narrative design language.


The handforged channel entrance of pure aluminium is a giant camera skin cavity, overlapping layer upon layer, laying the record tone for the rest of the experience.

石板路左右两边的景观,由黑色石子和四面圆镜组合而成 ,镜子映射天空,石子附于地球表面,路过时若向下俯瞰地面,天空和地面被压缩于同一个平面,而俯瞰者的身体在这一刻,被置于天地之外。

The landscape on the left and right sides of the slate road is composed of black stones and four round mirrors. The mirror reflects the sky. The stones attach to the surface of the earth. When passing by, if you look down at the ground, the sky and the ground are compressed in the same plane. At this moment, the body of the overlooker is placed outside the sky and the earth. 


The black container building on the left side of the entrance is wrapped in tarpaulin and kept away from the main building. It is a state of being transported and moved all the time. There is a row of wine cabinets inside the container, which implies that whisky is transported from various countries and then brings pleasure and joy. This process is more like barley malt catalyzed by time and transformed into whisky in oak barrels. Interest. 


Open the door and enter the leather chamber. It is a desert. Three metal candlesticks stand askew on the broad terrazzo floor. Four concrete bathrooms are farther away. The feeling of decadence, wilderness and loneliness is accompanied by a red sunset, and the body becomes more isolated here. 


There are six ceiling lamps on the top of the arc, guiding the direction like stars and moons, and two rivers of light on both sides of the wall, and a sea at the end. This sea is an electric moving door, which obstructs the main part of the bar and the space of the entrance. This kind of obstruction is like a space in life, adjusting the rhythm, and can be retreated.


The button moves the electric door into the main body of the bar, and the metal track lamp lying on the ceiling guides the line of sight. A deep blue curtain freezes on the stage if frozen.


Looking back, the architectural form of the main entrance reminds us of the bathroom at the entrance where the structure is similar. From desert to the entrance, a period of more than ten seconds produces instantaneous memories. The huge temperature difference between the two makes the memories profound and bitter. 


The wine wall surrounded by 180 degrees curved surface is gentle on each side, accompanied by 2100 degrees of color temperature, like a cave in the mountain mouth that ignites a bonfire, warm and belonging.


The soundabsorbing wall opposite the stage, while deactivating the sound, leads us into a tunnel of time, as if it is a look between past and future. 


The hanging UFO chandelier is the unexpected surprise in our life, which is reasonable on the way of hiking. 


A hiking trip is concentrated in this 357 square physical space, where the movement of matter generates circulation catalyzed by time.Relative to the universe of billions of years, every time we stay and experience is a short existence, and this short moment is the cost of our life.


项目:WAY2 Whisky Live
设计团队:朱义云 汪耀 陈芸芸
施工:杭州名淙装饰工程有限公司 许卫明
灯具设计:李文强 元白空间(汪浩)

Project: WAY2 Whisky Live
Area: 357 square meters
Type: Bar
Creative Designer: Li Wenqiang
Design team: Zhu Yiyun, Wang Yao and Chen Yunyun
Completion time: 2018.12.31
Photographer: Wang Fei
Construction: Hangzhou Mingsong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Lighting: Hangzhou Licheng Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.
LOGO: Li Wenqiang
VI: Qu Zhenchao
Furniture Production: Hangzhou Aoyu Private Furniture Co., Ltd.
Text: Li Wenqiang
Furniture Design: Li Wenqiang
Lighting Design: Li Wenqiang Yuanbai Space (Wang Hao)
Stage Curtain: Guo Xi
Embossment: Guo Xi
Photography: Wang Fei