崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣

崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣 崖空间 Ya Space! 用幽默设计解救城市的无趣

音乐与设计杂糅 Memphis: mix of music and design

Memphis孟菲斯,一个具有多重意义的词汇。地理上让人联想到孟菲斯城,那里是猫王的故乡、摇滚与蓝调的阵地。设计上则代表一种反理性的专属风格,还有曾经那群设计界“怪咖”——Memphis Group孟菲斯小组。

Memphis is a word with multiple meanings. Geographically it reminds people of Memphis City, the home of Elvis Presleys, blues and rock’n’roll. In the design field, this term represents a unique anti-rational style and the Memphis Group — an Italian design and architecture group.

孟菲斯小组成立于80年代的米兰,在以Ettore Sottsass为首的年轻设计师聚会上,留声机里Bob Dylan正唱着“Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”,此时创意的荷尔蒙与无厘头的歌词激烈对撞,孟菲斯派以及由他们发起的创意美学运动由此诞生。

Memphis Group was founded by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s. Its name apparently came from Bob Dylan's song, “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”, which played repeatedly throughout the meeting where Ettore Sottsass gathered a group of international young designers. With bizarre lyrics and design creativity colliding, this meeting gave birth to Memphis Group and aesthetic movement led by the design collective.

本案是一个家具展示空间,以孟菲斯家具为主要展品。设计师为项目取名“崖空间|Ya Space!”,既连接美国城市孟菲斯的别名——崖城,又隐含“Ya”所表达的惊讶之感,契合孟菲斯家具所带给人的感官惊喜。

This project is a furniture exhibition space, with Memphis furniture as main exhibits. The designer titled it “Ya Space!”, which not only echoes the nickname of Memphis City in China — “Cliff City” (“Cliff” is pronounced as “Ya” in Chinese language), but also conveys a surprising feeling that indicate the unexpected sensory experiences Memphis furniture brings to people.


Memphis advocates unrestricted creative exploration, and has become the synonym of “alternative classical style” in modern design field. Its furniture features peculiar forms, bright colors and a design style liberated from minimalism and pragmatism. Classical style has always been prevailing, so the revival of Memphis style is at the right time.

与时俱进的革新 Innovation in line with the times


Representative elements of Memphis style, including geometric shapes and free composition, were frequently applied to the project. The designers identified priorities for the selection of spatial materials and hues, hoping to go beyond Memphis' extreme emphasis on visual effects with enhanced textures and more sustainable concepts.


Constructed by corrugated stainless steel sheets based on the design concept of “cliff”, the facade is characterized by bizarre visual effects and complex structures and techniques. During construction, the design team constantly improved the edging and connection of corrugated sheets, as well as the treatment of nodes and materials, to ensure a holistic image. The entrance is highlighted by a large exclamation point, guiding visitors to explore the unknown interior world. All the visual elements perceived beforehand constitute an “index” of the peculiar and irregular space.

延续与变体 Continuation and variation


The interior space is composed of two floors. 1F centers on providing unconventional experiences, and produces spatial rhythm by unique combinations of geometric shapes. The foyer features irregular stairs paved with black stone pieces, a door opening that brings a sense of order and enriches visual experiences, and a building block game-like scene which tries to break the barrier of class.


Countless visual points are formed by the combination of structures of different shapes. Every structure is a visual point, and a geometrically-cut view frame. Suspended from the ceiling, circular light boxes cast and diffuse lights, creating a surreal atmosphere of floating.


An array of cylinders form the bar counter, and several independent metal installations compose handrails of the staircase. In this space, ordinary items constitute a stage for display and experience. Lots of interior structures utilize the same materials as the walls, making them seem like objects that naturally “grow” from the space.


The entire space on 2F is used for exhibition. The interior surfaces are movable geometric screens. The design continues the concept of "view frame", with a view to bringing changes to the angles of observation. In this space, visitors can have a whole view or partial view of scenes, and can stand on tiptoe or bend down. Simple yet subtle arrangement of spatial structures produces playfulness within the space. Those structures adopt same finishes as the floor, as if they're growing from the floor.


The design of the display area is based on the concept of framed views. Through cutting and recombining the views, it brings infinite possibilities to visual experiences within the field of view and makes observation more interesting.

项目名称 | 崖空间|Ya Space!
项目地点 | 杭州520创意园
设计公司 | 皮爱纪设计PIG DESIGN
主创设计 | 李文强
商务管理 | 彭杨婉尼
设计团队 | 谭世杰、程亮、朱义云、陈芸芸、刘若男、王可可
完成时间 | 2020.05
主要材料 | 水磨石墙面涂料不锈钢黑石子
施工单位 | 杭州典昌装饰设计工程有限公司
照明设计 | 杭州力诚照明/杭州向杨照明设计
家具品牌 | 孟菲斯
灯具设计 | 李文强
项目摄影 | 邵峰

Project name: Ya Space!
Project location: Hangzhou, China
Design firm: PIG DESIGN
Chief designer: Li Wenqiang
Design firm: Tan Shijie, Cheng Liang, Zhu Yiyun, Chen Yunyun, Liu Ruonan, Wang Keke
Completion time: May 2020
Main materials: terrazzo, wall paint, stainless steel, black stones
Construction firm: Hangzhou Dianchang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Lighting design: Hangzhou Licheng Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. / Young Lighting Design
Furniture brand: Memphis
Lighting fixture design: Li Wenqiang
Photographer: Shao Feng
Design contact: lwq.4@163.com