Memphis is a word with multiple meanings. Geographically it reminds people of Memphis City, the home of Elvis Presleys, blues and rock’n’roll. In the design field, this term represents a unique anti-rational style and the Memphis Group — an Italian design and architecture group.

Memphis孟菲斯,一个具有多重意义的词汇,地理上让人联想到孟菲斯城。那里是猫王的故乡、摇滚与蓝调的阵地,设计上则代表一种反理性的专属风格,还有曾经那群设计界“怪咖”—Memphis Group孟菲斯小组


Material Ramed Earth
Aluminium Steel
Black Stones
Location Hangzhou Date May.2021
Date May.2021